torsdag den 4. september 2014


Oh BOY, this is so EXCITING, i am gonna pretend last submission in the alphanumerical game was yesterday even though it wasnt.

My submission for best track by an artist whose name starts with one:

If that aint sublime Speedcore, i dont know what is! Just the artist name alone! It might be one of many aliases of notorious German Speedcore producer Rico Schwantes, but at this point im not really sure anymore.

Honourable mention goes to:

This is a pretty obscure cut of a repressing of the 12" "Is this all" on Dance Wax Records. An obscure cut which at first hits you with a brooding breakbeat loop before cheering up with a cheesy keyboard and later on some acid made on something other than a 303. Not the best tune in the world, but deserves an honourable mention. The flangered breakbeat loop is MAD hypnotizing.

Favourite track which name starts with one:

Do i really need to introduce this massive classic? Released on British Acid label "Stay Up Forever" (Is that the best name for an Acid-Tekno label or what?) in 2004, it quickly became a massive UK (and beyond) HardTek anthem. It is one huge mother of a tune.

 Embedded vid butchers the song, but i chose it for the epic footage of UK ravers being off their tits on stella and god knows what else. Stay up forever!

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