mandag den 30. april 2012


This FB wall is def worth looking at


The Russian hiphop post from yesterday made me remember this Serbocroatian swag:

Really good!

lørdag den 28. april 2012

Sam - Sibirskaya Zima (Siberian Winter)

Best soundcloud spam in a long while. Siberian hiphop made on Russian synths and everything, check it out!


mandag den 16. april 2012

søndag den 15. april 2012

BLAM BLAM FEVER RELOADED High quality rocks all the way from blambodia. Sink into it!

OCDJ's Music blog Solid competetition is allways a plus! Not that its a competition or anything.

lørdag den 14. april 2012

Lulu e & Morten Berg - Odense meetup 2011

From the description: Our remake from Denmarks largest Hardstyle and shuffle Meetup 2011. Running for its 5th year, Beneath the Surface, Odense Meetup for 2012 will be held on 26th May from 12pm - 8pm. 8 hours, 13 of Denmarks best DJs. Genres include: PROGRESSIVE - TRANCE - HARDTRANCE - FREESTYLE - NUSTYLE - HARDSTYLE - RAWSTYLE - HARDCORE - INDUSTRIAL HARDCORE - HAPPY HARDCORE - DUBSTEP As always this is a free event held alongside Odense Havnekulturfestival with funding and support from the local council. For more info please visit:

fredag den 13. april 2012

Familieorkestret - Vi var et underligt hul i historien

My Dad's old leftist-rockband Documented for your pleasure!

tirsdag den 10. april 2012