tirsdag den 20. marts 2012


Nothing new here (as in that *NEW* new) which actually makes him kinda relevant. Chief Keef is straight forward. No weirdness or animated teen rage. No puns on sexual orientation. No swag (duh). Only thing (besides hanging with your boys and smoking) I've seen before is some head shaking choreography borrowed from Waka. I don't wanna sound old school (cuz I'm not at all). I just really like Chief's unimpressed 'not-giving-a-fuck-about-NOT-GIVING-A-FUCK' style. And I don't think he cares about what you wear #ASAPDORKY  

søndag den 18. marts 2012

fredag den 16. marts 2012


I dare you to watch this playlist all the way to the end! Full screen is best screen!


Allright, this needs some words for you foreigners.

I live right next to this huge squat (its like a small town really) called Christiania, where alot of bikers sell huge amounts of hash and weed. Its like a huge cluster of illegal coffee shops run by the big euro biker groups and then some old hippies live in pretty houses they built in the sixties... ANYWAYS, these biker types likes Trance-Music! So in my mind there is this specific Copenhagen Sound called "Pusher-Trance" and it changes over time like any other Sound. In the old days when visiting Pusher-Street, you would smell the charras and hear the Dark-Psy playing from the boomboxes in between the screeches of huge chillums being cleaned. These days its more of a Progressive Trance thing...

This is a compilation of that Sound from last year. Enjoy!

torsdag den 15. marts 2012


This song have been an obsession since i first remember seeing it on mtv like 10 yrs ago . I LOVE Addis Black Widow and how they really managed to capture a look and a way to handle themselves that's relevant today more than ever.
This is my swedish love. We'll hopefully see yall by the end of this month.
More about this later ^_______^


Puzzleweasel apparently has his own blog! why nobody tells me these things?

the visual style makes me want to learn MySQL injection and start defacing, STOP DESIGNING WHITE SITES THAT BURN MY EYES! The music is good though!

søndag den 4. marts 2012