mandag den 31. oktober 2011


I helped make the master for these tracks, some propper techno i reckon!

1050 by HLLW

1010 by HLLW

torsdag den 27. oktober 2011


Day Of Wrath

On Thursday 10 November get mad excesses celebrated, the notorious

Japanese accelerator core artist Maruosa guests Denmark, with its unique almost
psycho-political noise.

Born in Osaka, Japan. MARUOSA ice world's only extreme laptop musician.
HE started this project and own label "RENDAREC" on 1999, relased debut album
"EXERCISE AND HELL." and releases somebody works and compilations in theworld by primitives.
And toured U.S., Europe and United Kingdom from 2003 to the 2006th
han er invitert two media art festival "Club Transmediale" in Berlin on the 2006th
in Ireland, one of the audience got excited och var Fractured spine.
On 2008, toured Europe and United Kingdom (10 lande, 25 gigs) again, er inviterttwo "SONAR"
"Roskilde Festival", "Supersonic festival" and a lot of festivals.
Autumn of the year, er invites two "THIS IS NOT ART / Electrofringe" and somebodygigs in Australia.
on 2009, toured Europe for the 3 hours, er invitert two Japanese art biennale.
"L'Experience Japonaise 2009" in France.
On 2010, toured the U.S. and Kina, er invitert two SXSW and somebody gigs.
också ice running with Bong-Ra as "DEATHSORM" from the 2008th
The Danish death metal terror experiment "Murderer" also supports up how far you can move the border between music and organized

Copenhagen's own Lisbent which is almost impossible to define, there is certainly set up for everything from hard core breaks and psykedellisk
Dj Ellisiv
Dj Ellisiv the last known for the phenomenal heating up to Captain Ahab will open up this anger tonight.

onsdag den 26. oktober 2011

I know this is like the number one bloggin cliche, but here, have some fotos of me

Thx to sichmang for the T-Shirt, i owe you guys one!

Thx to johannes for the acid-glasses

Halloween is a coming!

lørdag den 22. oktober 2011

Soulja Boy feat Young L - All Gold Everything

This is some serious Swag!

Anybody find the instrumental, i need that shit send it my way!

mandag den 10. oktober 2011

3Ball Mix

I have been chilling with this mexican genre for a while now, some serious trance being pushed by these guys. heres a mix i made with my favourite tunes from that genre and some few others:


Kidd - Ikk Lavet penge

DJ neox - 3ball time flash

DJ Earl - acidstorm

dj sonidito ft johhnyboy - i like to move it

dj bigred feat dj regio - 3ballhouse

Expendable youth - black fot (perrero refix)

nicki monaj - itty bitty acapella

kidd - gør sin ting (copyfokkin mix)

3ball - nortenas

14 - raptorhouse

swaydizzle - swagapella

jroc - get so hard

jroc - all i like is freaks

dj sonidito - blink (johhny boy remix)

expendable youth - 3ballbadmanriddim (guarachero remix)

dj big red - 3d music

dj sonidito - cara a la muerte (original 3ball mix)

dj big red - black ops al ritmo de la luna

lol boys - cannibalistic (lol boys remix)

samo sound boys - cannibalistic (samo sound boys remix)

dj tae - dat bitch

dj tae - gin bitches blunts

dj traviiezo - comebak tribal

dj tae - smoke like a junky

dj traviiezo - con las palmas

dj sharon ft dj diaz - conteo

dj junior - trick track

raptor house - el ritmo del gordo

dj sharon - ep

d-devils - dance with the devil (exclusive 3ball remake)

? - face down vs short dick

massacooraman - im ok with the knife

dj tork - la musica de tribal

dj soniditos - halloween tribal

dj junior - comboio vs cambua (mix malandro)

dj neox - bajo la luna tribal

dj otto - tierra azteca

? - nightmare example

dj neox - electric drumbeat

dj regio & dj sonidito - demo

dj neox - the beat tribal bass

dj sonidito ft dj diaz - ?

dj neox - electro drum beat

dj sonidito ft dj tury - bota y tambor (private mixxx)

dj sonidito - this way i cant tell

dj neox - electro tech beep

dj sonidito - freak

lil john - fucken handz up 2.0

dj sonidito - gettin over demo

dj sonidito - happy birthday angel

dj neox - omoniaia tribal

dj sonidito - i look good

dj neox - the beat tribal beat miusic

afxtwin - saw2 (3ball mix)

dj neox - mega bass tech miami beat strom danger

dj sonidito - take over control

dj skarley - hardstyle

dj zuka - mexican style

? - tribe

dj neox - electro addicted most world painting

dj neox .- ritmo mexicano

mtkz - dont feel the same

dj neox - parametric tribalena

proyec - el puchi puchi

dj cobra - pal red 2.0

dj neox - centor hack tribal

? - common girls

dj skarley - trypi

dj neox - electro face beat full

d-devils - dance with the devil (original mix)

dj neox - electroshock best beat

? - musica tribal

el charly - cachetona

dj skarley - my history love