fredag den 27. januar 2012

WhyBeezy - Random Boredom Mixxx

'S not boring @ all! Crammed with YoungBukkake edits on old classixxx this is one not to miss thug!

mandag den 23. januar 2012

Rockermødet Januar 2012 Feat. Jørgen Leth - Udrykning

Rockermødet Januar 2012 Feat. Jørgen Leth - Udrykning by StueLokalet

From the description:

Jørgen leth dukkede op til rockermødet, hev pigerne ud af kina-huldet ved at læse random digte op der lå og flød, Good times!

Rockermødet Januar 2012 - Jeg havde byttet om på poserne

Rockermødet Januar 2012 - Jeg havde byttet om på poserne by StueLokalet

Epic spoken-word techno. This time its a detailed account about a girl snorting what the narrator thinks is Cocaine of her own clit (she has some Marylin Manson shit going with her ribs), what they both soon realise (he took a hit as well) is that the narrator accidentally mistook his bag of Coke with his bag of Ketamine. Again tuff luck to the foreigners.

Glas Øje - Daterape den handicap

Glas Øje - Daterape den handicap by StueLokalet

A little story about dateraping handicapped people. Reminds me of old "The Horrorist" tracks in a good way. Good luck with the translation foreigners. Tuff luck.

Rune og Kaare - detersøndag1 (Duus' soundcloud edit)

Rune og Kaare - detersøndag1 (Duus' soundcloud edit) by StueLokalet

Some very good Minimal if you ask me.

tirsdag den 17. januar 2012

DJ DADIFOX & DJ KARFOX - [ComprovativO De Alta Frequência Vol.1 [ 2011 ].rar

A very very nice collection of kuduro and tarraxa from the best of the bunch!

mandag den 9. januar 2012

T-Popz bday mixxx

Everything good in this mix! From J-Core to 3ball, Hiphop, Soundtracks, Gabber, WonkyDubstep, Footwork, Biker-Trance, Ghetto-Tech! Happy B-Day Teppop!


Tekken 3 - Main theme
DJ Sonidito - cara a la muerte
J Stalin - Dopegame instrumental
Arpebu - Steam midity
Class Action - Weekend (Ultradozer remix)
Titus OST - Procession & obsequis
Photek - the 7 samurai
Ultradozer - Smozerdozer
Lisbent - Dope Hiphop 2.0 instrumental
Ultradozer - Methox-Trance (Jedi-Trance edit)
DJ Clent - What HIT THAT
Dimensional Holographic Sound - House of God (Sea of Manny's gon mental remix)
Eloq - Honning
BPG - Hakket og Skruet
Predator 1 - Main theme
JayH - Undercover 2k11
DJ Dadifox feat. The Best King - M Esta No Sangue
DJ Karfox - Cambua vs. AfroHouse
DJ Regio - Pachanga Regiomontana
DJ Manny - All i do is smoke trees
Lisbent - Ryg Hash
Stuelokalet - Rockertrance 2
Stuelokalet - Rockertrance 3
Ultradozer - Træk og Slip
Ultradozer - Hakker hele dagen
Stuelokalet - Rockertrance 1 (bare rolig simon edit)
Stuelokalet - Dræb de Nisser 2
DJ Hvad & Lisbent - DJ Knækked min øre af
Træt & Peng - Klumen & BPG
Stuelokalet - Dræb de Nisser 1

søndag den 8. januar 2012

Lisbent - Crack ((come on fuck me) Cracked by craxxxmurf)

This old lisbent tune got remixed by craxxxmurf! it is some hard rocks, many thx to the smurf for doing this! Inside the rar you will find both the original and the remix, enjoy!



torsdag den 5. januar 2012


japan + hardcore techno? OH YES PLEASE!


Go here now! And download all on the list!

Then you should go to youtube, and just go along the ride with this theme, i promise you it will reward you!
Stuff such as this will show up:

Many thx to my stepdaughter for showing me this!


Now this is some serious shit

tirsdag den 3. januar 2012