lørdag den 14. april 2012

Lulu e & Morten Berg - Odense meetup 2011

From the description: Our remake from Denmarks largest Hardstyle and shuffle Meetup 2011. Running for its 5th year, Beneath the Surface, Odense Meetup for 2012 will be held on 26th May from 12pm - 8pm. 8 hours, 13 of Denmarks best DJs. Genres include: PROGRESSIVE - TRANCE - HARDTRANCE - FREESTYLE - NUSTYLE - HARDSTYLE - RAWSTYLE - HARDCORE - INDUSTRIAL HARDCORE - HAPPY HARDCORE - DUBSTEP As always this is a free event held alongside Odense Havnekulturfestival with funding and support from the local council. For more info please visit: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Beneath-The-Surface-Officielt-Odense-Hardstyler-Meetup/195621507143606 http://www.odense.dk/havnekulturfestival/

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