fredag den 16. marts 2012


Allright, this needs some words for you foreigners.

I live right next to this huge squat (its like a small town really) called Christiania, where alot of bikers sell huge amounts of hash and weed. Its like a huge cluster of illegal coffee shops run by the big euro biker groups and then some old hippies live in pretty houses they built in the sixties... ANYWAYS, these biker types likes Trance-Music! So in my mind there is this specific Copenhagen Sound called "Pusher-Trance" and it changes over time like any other Sound. In the old days when visiting Pusher-Street, you would smell the charras and hear the Dark-Psy playing from the boomboxes in between the screeches of huge chillums being cleaned. These days its more of a Progressive Trance thing...

This is a compilation of that Sound from last year. Enjoy!

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