torsdag den 1. december 2011

DEV - In the Dark (Deejay Sharon Remix)2

Know that feel? You set your soundcloud stream to roll from the top 'cos you havent had the time these last few days to listen. No song really grabs your attention so you browse to other sites and do other shit. BUT THEN, a few days later all of a sudden THAT DAMN MELODY FROM THAT RANDOM SONG YOU DIDNT GIVE A FUCK ABOUT POPS INTO YOUR BRAIN AND YOU CANT STOP OBSESSING ABOUT IT, THEN YOU HAVE TO TRAWL THROUGH 14 DAYS OF SOUNDCLOUD STREAM JUST TO GET THAT SHIT OUT YOUR SYSTEM! It happens to me regularly, i need to set up some sort of system to prevent it from happening.

Anyways, check out this banger, im still tripping balls about it:

DEV - In the Dark (Deejay Sharon Remix)

i was about to link the original as well, but FUCK it sucks BIGTIME! Mad probs to Deejay Sharon for polishing a turd till it turns gold!

And for a turd of such shitty proportions, i am deeply baffled by the sheer amount of remixes

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