fredag den 18. november 2011


A record label in a class of its own, Digital Vomit Recordings, is nearing its 100th release.

thought i might share them with you guys, they have lots of quality free downloads

heres what they have to say about themselves:

"Digital Vomit has always been about doing shit, not just talking about it, which is why we've kicked the arse of certain IDM forums who have had their own artistic aspirations fall after a couple of releases. The problem is, I'd say that we're not really self-promoters, so sometimes the visibility of the label isn't as high as it could be. But I think DV's success speaks for itself really:
- Pioneered new way of organising a label and funding releases
- Over five years without imploding
- Based on my hosting stats, every release (even those with absolutely fuck all promotion) will reliably achieve around 300 downloads
- The most successful downloads exceeded 10k (kid's album 1) and 7k (Aaaaargh!)
- Over 100 releases
- Over 280 artists
- UK's first 8-track release in years (top stuff Lee!)
- Dee Vee Skweee quoted as one of the two must download skweee compilations this year (thanks me!)
- Gigs, T-shirts, badges, ringtones, etc.
Considering that this label is based on a foundation of noise, breakcore, and other extreme sounds, I'd say that's all pretty remarkable."

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